The new addition for control of the Hue Taps is giving you great extra's when compared to the standard tap control with the Philips Hue app. Although there is information in the documentation of the plugin (in the docs directory of your homeseer installation), I decided to add some extra information on how I am using the tap myself with the plugin. I hope this will make the expanded possibilities with the plugin clearer to understand.

In my livingroom I have 6 lights avalaible: 4 Hue bulbs, 1 Living Colors and 1 Hue Beyond luminaire.

The Living Colors is controlled by a homeseer event and is set to go into colorloop if any of the hue bulbs are set to on. So in my sample this light is not controlled by the Tap.

I have chosen to have buttons 1 and 2 to control the Hue Beyond. The Hue Beyond is holding 4 lights internally, each of which is controllable through the whole spectrum of colors with the plugin. This enables lots of beautifull effects! Button 1 and 2 are configured with the new multibutton on/off options. Button 1 is *set with daylight options, so this button delivers a scene during daytime and another scene during nighttime.

Button 1 sets the Hue Beyond to an low, comfortable and colourful lightsetting, depending on day (brighter *and explicit colors) or nightime (soft tones). Button 2 is setting the Hue Beyond to a bright light with a transition time of 8 seonds, so it will go on of off slowly.*

Below you can see the configuration:

Result of this configuration is as follows:
When I press Button 1, the Hue Beyond is set to the day- or nightime scene.*
If I press Button 1 again after some time, the light will go off.

But when I pressed Button 1 and decided to press button 2, because I am going to sit at the table an need the extra light, the light will brighten. When I am done, I can press button 1 again, the light will return to its soft settings (so it will not go off). If instead I pressed Button 2 again the light would go off.
If I decided to press button 1 to get the light set back to the soft settings and I want the light to switch off, I have to press button 1 again.*
So when using the multi button on/off setting, as long you press different buttons, the programmed sene will get activated. Once you press the last used button again, the light will switch off.

Once you have configured the Tap buttons, there is no active connection anymore between the Tap and the plugin. So you could shutdown Homeseer and buttons of the Hue Tap will still function.
The Hue bridge holds the status of the buttons, and is unaware of actions performed by wall switches, Homeseer or any other Hue app. So be aware that if a light is switched on or off by any other action then the Hue tap buttons, the Hue tap might be in a 'unexpected status'. Which means you might have to press the button twice to correct the status. Not really an issue once you know this.*

For buttons 3 and 4 I have enabled the single on/off actions and also enabled the daytime setting for both buttons. These buttons both control the 4 light bulbs.
Both buttons now work independently from any other button. One press will switch lights on, another press switches lights off. Also for this situation, if bulbs are controlled by other means than the Hue Tap buttons The Tap might be in a 'unexpected status'. A second press on the same button wil correct that.

As the Living Color in the living room is controlled by Homeseer, once the bulbs are set by the buttons 3 or 4, the plugin will see and report then bulbs on and Homeseer will trigger an event to set the Living color light to its colorloop setting.

In this case I have also added the Hue Tap as a device to Homeseer (You'll see the button to add or remove the device on the rightside of the Tap name). This enables the plugin to track the button you press and set the device value accordingly. In my case pressing button 3 will trigger an event controlling zwave device to toggle on or off)

In the above sample I have shown you the possibilities with the option set for "JowiHue Settings". You can always return to "Bridge Settings", which normally would reactivate the the initial setting of the Philips Hue App. In this mode you can only change the scenes.

I hope this makes the use of the tap with the plugin clear.