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JowiHue and HST

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  • JowiHue and HST

    Are you able to control the color of the lights with this plugin using HST and if so, how?

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    Yes, the plugin will create devices for controlling the Hue, Sat an Bri values as well as an alert and colourloop setting. It also a colour selector inteface to let you select the colour you like.

    Through scripting you can also set colour temperature and the CIE colourspace settings. Also you can create scenes and animations through the creativity page, in this way you can use these as presets for your lighting.
    Whit events you can set the lights as well as select scenes and animations.
    When you install the plugin (30 day trial), you will find the documentation in the docs directory under the installation directory of homeseer. This will guide you on the configuration.

    -- Wim

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