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Animations & Infinite loop.... working ?

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  • Animations & Infinite loop.... working ?

    With, can you create a never ending animation ?

    The manual states that you can create infinite animations, but the feature doesn't work with my setup.

    - Creativity / Animation
    - Create a new animation
    - Add 3 scenes as step1, step2, step3
    - on the last step (step3), choose "loop from step1", and check infinite

    Test the animation. Does-it loop forever ? With my setup it stops right after step3, and doesn't loop at all.

    If I don't check infinite, and type a loop count instead (eg 10) ... Then the animation loops fine 10 times.

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    Seems I have made a change that disabled the infinite loop. I will fix this, not expecting it will be a difficult one. The only challenge is that I am on travel at th moment and won't return before September 26. I will work on after that.

    I will also recheck the snapshot issue you reported, there should be no restart needed after the first start of the plugin.


    -- Wim

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      Thank-you for your fast reply. I can wait a few weeks, no problem

      For the snapshot problem, a plugin restart (or HS restart, or computer reboot) was not enough.

      I had to delete HS3/data/JowieHue/JowieHue.db, and replace it with the original one from HS3/updates3/JowieHue1.0.6.4/JowieHue.db

      Thanks for this great plugin