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Alternative control method (switch options)?

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  • Alternative control method (switch options)?

    I'm wondering what control method you guys are using to control your Hues outside of triggering them via HS3 events or using official Philips switches... and how robust are they? Maybe we can share and rate them... and list their pros and cons here.

    I don't have any Philips Hue Tap yet... which I've found out are based on Enocean technology from this article by ArsTechnica: ... so I'll just share what I've tried so far:

    1. Aeon Minimote ($45 new, $20 refurbished 1st version w/ numbered buttons)

    Standard: z-wave
    Pros: good range, near-instant response, 4 buttons w/ 2 commands each (short and long press), rechargeable batteries, small handheld formfactor
    Cons: Handheld form factor, no wall-mount.

    2. PLCBUS scene controller ($74)

    Standard:PLCBUS 220v
    Pros: Great range (power wire), 4 scenes per module, connects to normal wall switch (good WAF, doesn't mess house's aesthetic)
    Cons: Slow (1+ second delay)

    3. Nexa wireless wall switches (WT-1, WT-2, LWST-615, LWST-605) - ($15 to $29)

    Standard: 433mhz RF (compatible w/ RFXCOM)
    Pros: Wireless, looks like normal wall switch when mounted properly, 3 positions: neutral, OFF, ON).
    Cons: limited range
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    I've been pondering this as well - especially for lamps. I wish someone made something that could be mounted right on the socket, covering the lamps regular controls, or a total socket replacement (requiring rewiring the lamp). I saw a tiny 1-button Iris transmitter at Lowes that looked like a good idea, except for the whole problem with it being Iris and not Z-Wave.

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      I use HS Touch, Hue tap, Z-wave switch (Denmark only product, FUGA format) and EnOcean Switch (very new). But other than Hue tap it's all via HS events.



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        In my configuration I use mainly HS events, either triggered by movement detectors, HSTouch, zwave and KAKU (dutch version for 433 mhz control with RFXCom) devices.

        I have also a tap for direct control of the Hue devices.

        Most Hue lights also have a physical switch, but these have not been used ever after having the lights available in HS3.

        -- Wim

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          I use many X10 433MHz switches and devices, with a RFXCOM receiver

          1) I have a lot of SS13 switches
          2) A few SS11 and SS12
          3) One KR22 mini remote
          4) Many MS13E motion sensors
          5) I also send X10 RF from a Philips Pronto remote
          6) I have a PLCBUS scene micro module T2269E, but I never plugged it.

          From the Apple Watch, I also run many HomeSeer events with iControl Web, and those events activate hue scenes and other HA stuff (mostly PLCBUS)