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  • Alert Function

    Can you issue the "alert" command in a script?
    If so, can you provide an example?
    I can't find any documentation on how to do this in the user manual

    Can you stop an alert once it has started or will the lights continue to flash for the default time?

    Is the default time set in the bridge?


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    There is no possibility to set the alert other then triggering an event or using the button in the device utility page.

    A work around to this is to create an event that uses the alert setting of a light or group. This event can be triggered by scripting if needed.

    The 30 second setting in the alert is set by Philips on the bridge and cannot be changed.

    If you need another alert period you could create your own alert on the animation page maybe? Also animations can be stated through scripting.

    Does this help you?


    -- Wim

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      Yes... for the the most part, complex issues in life can be better understood armed with accurate information presented in a coherent manner. You have supplied that piece of the story regarding the "canned" alert function.

      While waiting for a response, I did create a custom alert through the animation tab of your plug-in.

      Thanks for your contribution to the automated world and HomeSeer in particular.