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Does this work with the GE Link hub?

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  • Does this work with the GE Link hub?

    I've been reading through, and I see that the GE Link bulbs work with the Hue bridge, and hence the Plug In.

    I was just wondering if it worked with the GE Link hub in the starter kit?


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    From Wim:
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      Originally posted by 519zwave View Post
      I did actually see that one, but it was one of the postings that I saw that said GELink bulbs connected to the Hue hub

      GE link is another brand connecting to the Hue bridge
      I was just wondering if the GELink bridge itself was compatible.



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        If you want to know if the link hub can control Hue lights, I am not sure, the GE bulbs are controllable by the Hue bridge. I would expect some of the Hue functions can also be controlled by the GE link hub, I am not so sure wether all possibilities of the hue lights are supported on the GE hub. Could not find much on this on the internet.

        If you want to know if the GE link hub could be controlled by the JowiHue plugin, I doubt that. As far I can see the API is not going to match the Philips Hue api.

        -- Wim

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