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HSTouch color change via a button

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    HSTouch color change via a button

    I'm trying to change the color of the lamp in my HSTouch project, what is the best way to accomplish it?


    I have a long time bugzilla waiting on this. Normally you would want this with a slider or alike in HSTouch. But the slider function does not like the 65535 possible values and does not pass these on to the device.

    With the latest production version of JowiHue ( and the beta you could implement a scripting version that you could assign to a button.

    From the documentation: (in the docs directory)

    Dim test As Boolean = hs.PluginFunction("JowiHue", "", "IncreaseLights", {True, "All Lights", False, True, False})
    In your situation you would set the inHue to true. It will change one step in the hue setting. I am using the same here, with a standard setting (configuration page) for hue change at 4666. This gives a reasonable change with each press for me.

    Not a ideal solution, but a workable workarond for you I hope?


    [edit]: In a near future I will also add 'presets' Which should enable set any selected light to a preset color. There will be a few predefined presets, but you will also be able to create your own.
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    -- Wim

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      You are the best, thanks. I also noticed that in the hue field of the device you have populated preset values and the up and down, so for now I'm using them with the combination of the up and down button to accomplish that.