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    I have Siri doing several things for me through JowieHue.
    Have created a light called "Cortana"
    If I tell Siri to "set Cortana to 10", it dims one of my phillips bulbs to preset dim. Then an event knows if Cortana changes and become 10, Run an event. It's a little time consuming to setup, but works every time.
    Complications on my watch also deal with blinds by renaming some Hue settings. Siri then reacts to "Set Den blind down" as that is a new Hue command that again has an event tied to it when bulb changes and becomes.

    The JowieHue app is really good for those that have not tried it and Hue works great with HomeKit.
    Plugins:Z Wave, HS3 Pro, HS3Touch, HS3Touch IOS, Z-Net, SceneMaster, XBMC, Sonos, Media Controller, Envisalink (52 Virtual nodes), JowiHue, EasyTrigger, Liftmaster MyQ, BLBackup, BLLAN, BLRadar, Pushover

    Devices:Cooper RF9540, Cooper Scene, Yale Locks, Sonos, Phillips Hue and Lux, DSC, Somfy Blinds