Release, 08-05-2021
  • New: Support for v2 Heat Pump
  • New: Support for v1 washers that uses binary data format
  • Fix: Fahrenheit display values
Release, 31-03-2021
  • New: Oven/Range v2 support added
  • Fix: Timers on v2 washers
Release, 11-03-2021
  • New: Express Cool for v2 refrigerator
  • New: Additional dryer courses and icons
  • Imp: Attempt to skip non-supported features
  • Fix: Missing “Course” feature for new installs
  • Fix: “Refresh Devices” doesn’t do anything
  • Fix: Crash on some V2 dryers
Release, 28-02-2021
  • New: Updated country list, and many new languages
  • Fix: Redirect error with Google login
Release, 25-02-2021
  • Fix: Crash on some v2 washers
  • Fix: Incorrect timer on some v2 washers
  • Fix: Celsius/Fahrenheit switch
Release, 16-02-2021
  • Fix: Dehumidifier controls
  • Fix: Authentication failure on some new installs
Release, 11-02-2021
  • New: MQTT support for v2 devices (no more polling, real-time updates)
  • New: support for v2 dishwasher
  • New: support for v2 refrigerator
  • Imp: code restructured to support future devices more easily
  • Imp: many, many code optimizations
Release, 10-01-2021
  • Fix: crash on incomplete data
  • New: detergent and softener levels for supported washers
Release, 11-10-2020
  • New: support for v1 dryer
  • New: support for v1 washer
  • New: support for v2 dehumidifier
Release, 17-09-2020
  • Fix: setup hangs HS4 web interface
  • Fix: on/offline status for some v1 devices
  • Fix: many features on the refrigerator v1
  • New: Ice Plus and Air Filter controls for refrigerator v1
Release, 09-08-2020
  • New: firmware version feature
  • New: support for v1 refrigerators
  • Fix: special characters in events and HomeSeer Mobile
Release, 23-07-2020
  • Fix: missing menu items
  • New: “Control Use” on power feature (so it will be selected as default feature in grid view)
Release, 09-07-2020
  • New: more automatic string translations
  • New: more icons for washer, dryer and washer/dryer features
  • New: additional icons for all kinds of courses
Release, 01-07-2020
  • New: Added category
  • Fix: several Fahrenheit issues
Release, 23-06-2020
  • New: control of v2 air conditioners
  • New: air conditioner “Profile” event action
  • New: many new device features
  • New: many washer/dryer icons added
  • New: better support for European washers
  • New: all devices; now only supported features and controls will be created
  • New: status and control fields from LG langpack (localized)
  • New: basic refrigerator support (work in progress)
  • New: basic air purifier support (work in progress)
  • New: better API error feedback
  • Fix: crash at shutdown
  • Fix: 100% CPU load without valid configuration
Release, 17-05-2020
  • Initial version for HS4