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Two Issue: Fahrenheit and Event settings

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  • Two Issue: Fahrenheit and Event settings

    Just installed 4.0.9 Pro RC 2 Linux to upgrade and existing HS3 pro Linux stable system. Trialing the LG ThinQ plugin, which is awesome since I have several LG air conditioning units in one house. I am in the USA so use Fahrenheit throughout the system and weather plugins.

    1) When I choose a set point from the device page and select a temperature in Fahrenheit, the setting on the ac units change but aren’t correct. After a few seconds, HomeSeer updates with whatever the ac got set to. An example is if I choose 70, the ac unit will actually set to 72, HomeSeer will show 70 but switch to 72 after a few moments.

    2) When I run and event, if I have a group of settings, the info passed to the ac unit is strange. As an example, if I say change power to ON, set temp to 72, and also switch to cool, the ac units will change to on and cool, but the temp might change to 82 but my not change at all.

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    Thanks for using my plugin. I was able to reproduce the issue on a v1 Air Conditioner. All LG Air Conditioners work with Celsius internally, so the plugin has to do the conversion from and to Fahrenheit. Due to a typo the plugin didn't convert from F to C at all for v1 devices, so it was just complete random what the a/c would make of it.

    Please try beta from the store, that should fix it. Let me know if you have any other questions or issues.



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      So I installed the and the issue I am having now is this:
      Set temp to 71
      Set mode to COOL

      The temp changes to 71 on the AC and I hear a beep.
      The mode then changes to COOL on the AC but the temp changes to 76 and I hear a beep.
      If I run the event again

      The temp changes to 71 on the AC and I hear a beep.
      The mode then changes to COOL on the AC but the temp changes to 71 and I hear a beep.

      It appears that maybe something is being cached so that when sending other commands after the temp is set, the temp is sent again with something else.


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        Let me see if I understand correctly. Does it work without the event? So if you set the temp from the HS4 device/feature it changes the a/c temp as expected?

        Note that if you change the mode, the a/c will use his own "logic" to set the temp. The "cache" (as you call it) is on the LG device, nothing I can control. So always set the mode first, and than the temp. Or better, use the "LG ThinQ profile" event action.That will ensure multiple settings are sent to the a/c at once correctly.



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          Another thing, I changed the order so the setpoint is last. I have two events.
          1) Night Event
          Set mode COOL
          Setpoint 72
          2) Morning Event
          Set mode Energy Save
          Setpoint 76

          Setpoint is 80
          When I run the Night Event
          Mode changes to COOL and setpoint changes to 66 then a beep.
          Setpoint changes to 72 and then a beep.
          When I run the Morning Event
          Mode change to Energy Save and setpoint changes to 80 then a beep.
          Setpoint changes to 76 and then a beep.

          By ordering them I have found a workaround, but it I just set mode, the temp shouldn't change.


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            Again, the plugin is not controlling the temp if you change the mode. It is the a/c that does that. On my devices, if I toggle the mode on the remote controller, the temp is different for every mode as well.

            Please use the "LG ThinQ profile" event action instead of trying to set individual features, you will see that it will resolve all your issues. And it is quicker without all the beeps.



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              Well great! Where in your instructions talk about "LG ThinQ profile" and where is this event action "LG ThinQ profile"?


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                FYI, you need to sticky your post or include it in the instructions you have in the forum, not just a post that is down mixed in.


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                  The event action can be found at the same place that all other event actions can be found. See below.

                  Note that this feature was only added last weekend. Sorry the documentation hasn't been updated yet. I do have a day job as well

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Untitled.png Views:	0 Size:	38.2 KB ID:	1397823


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                    Thanks. Since you have a day job, this plugin should be FREE! LOL

                    I am going to buy it at this point. I've gotten too many plugins in the past that the devs went AWOL and tend to shy away from plugins if I can, so I'm pretty cynical around HomeSeer and Plugins. Really happy that HS4 supports HS3 plugins, otherwise I wouldn't have upgraded and seen your plugin. Good job on it, BTW, and I'm really happy you are actively working on it. I did see your note about LG private API and it could change at any moment, so understand the risk. I hate these companies that screw us all by doing crap like having a private API for a system that is not complete or fully working with industry standards.