Most LG Air Conditioners work with profiles when they are being operated from the remote control. This means that whatever key you press, not only that feature setting is being send to the a/c, but all features with the last known setting (according to the remote). When controlling the a/c with the remote exclusively, this works quite convenient.

Also, the a/c device itself has some logic to ensure proper operation. For instance, some devices remember the temperature setting for each mode, but also prevents a temperature settings that doesn't work for a certain mode (i.e. temperature ranges often differ between cool and heat).

The LG ThinQ plugin allows most features to be set individually. Controlling a feature does not send a complete profile. When using events this might be problematic:
  • Setting an individual feature might cause another feature to change (due the a/c logic)
  • To prevent this, a lot or all features needs to be selected and set individually (which is a lot of work)
  • The order of features being set is important to achieve the right setting
  • When running such an event with multiple feature settings, it might cause a lot of beeping on the a/c (at least once for every feature set)
For this, I created a special event action, called "LG ThinQ Air Conditioner profile". When you create an event, you can select it from the list of event actions:
Click image for larger version  Name:	event1.png Views:	1 Size:	530.1 KB ID:	1397856

Then, after selecting an Air Conditioner, all a/c features can be set:
Click image for larger version  Name:	event2.png Views:	1 Size:	483.0 KB ID:	1397857

Running this event will only send a single command to the a/c, and the a/c should be set according to the profile.

Note that some logic on the a/c cannot be prevented. For instance, most LG a/c devices will switch on, even when selecting "No Change" on the Power feature. Or, selecting an invalid temperature for the selected mode might cause unexpected results.

(This behaviour might also be used to your advantage, as (on my) a/c this means I can turn the a/c on with a single beep instead of the triple beep that normally occurs when I turn on the a/c. I know that this does not work on all devices, so YMMV).