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    Hi Stef,

    I know some people were able to get the mqtt connection working to push updates. I also know it was not easy to get it working with .net.

    So I was wondering if you got any update on this.

    What would be ideal would be to have the push from mqtt , and some user configurable polling such as when the plugin starts and/or every x time.

    The principal reason I ask is because IU want to keep the plugin with fast update ( default is set to 10 secs)., but the drawback with polling is the cpu usage.

    here if you compare the plugin with the zwave one , it is using twice as much cpu time ( the server is running since 10 hours here).

    Fast polling is not the end of the word for my setup ( 2700x amd cpu). But with my mother's one it might be (old laptop). I do not remember the model , but from memory it seems as fast or slower than a pi4 lol..


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    Hi Matt, I tried a few weeks ago again, without any luck. I have only seen successful Python scripts, but that's it. Somehow the .Net framework lacks support to handle the AWS security part of the specific LG implementation. It might work with .Net Core 5 but I haven't tried. And that won't work with HS4 anyway.

    If you have seen a successful attempt with .Net 4.x (either C# or VB.Net), I am happy to give it another try. But I already spent many, many, many hours in trying without any result.

    Still hoping someone finds a solution.


      ok thanks Stef. Then maybe in hs5 lol


        This is different language, but they seems to be the last people that have worked on thinQ:

        Hubitat :
        Their github : dcmeglio/hubitat-thinq (

        Smarthing github with an external docker image : fison67/LG-Connector: Connector for LG Devices with SmartThings (

        May be interesting with other things too.