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Firmware V1.0.04a-JCY-1 Supported?

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  • Firmware V1.0.04a-JCY-1 Supported?

    Hi, I'm new to HomeSeer and just moved here as a refugee from Vera. I'm trying to make this plugin work but I'm not having any success with any iteration of setting.

    I know the plugin supports versions 4, 5, & 6, but I don't know whether that corresponds to my WiFi gateway. The web interface reports firmware V1.0.04a-JCY-1.

    I can see the packets leaving my HS server destined for UDP port 5987 on the IP of the WiFi GW but no reply. I can see it's ARP'ing and we're getting ARP replies so that's all good.

    Is my firmware simply too old? Is there any alternative or am I just looking at buying a newer WiFi GW? Mine is quite old at this point.

    Many thanks,
    Adam Mikolajczyk
    Claysburg, PA

    16:22:11.528387 IP ceres.5987 > UDP, length 27
    16:22:19.962768 IP ceres.5987 > UDP, length 27
    16:22:22.257996 IP ceres.5987 > UDP, length 27
    16:22:25.179045 ARP, Request who-has tell ceres, length 28
    16:22:25.415780 ARP, Reply is-at ac:cf:23:46:70:c4 (oui Unknown), length 46