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Is this Plugin Abandonware?

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  • Is this Plugin Abandonware?

    Hi, no offense to the author's hard work, but I've not seen any activity on this forum for a while and noted that the plugin itself is free. I've got to ask if this is an abandoned project at this point?

    I sincerely hope not, it's the only game in town on HomeSeer for the Mi-Light family of products, but it sure seems like support has dried up for now.

    I've seen some GitHub projects out there where people have used BASH scripting in 'Nix to control their Mi-Light products. If all else fails, I may explore that route.


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    I'm new to the HomeSeer community, having just bought it during the May sale. I installed the LimitlessLED plugin along with a handful of others as a trial basis. I was surprised when I went to pay for them, it showed the LimitlessLED plugin as "included" without an option to buy.

    That's why I was wondering if they'd just made it free since it seems unsupported at this point.

    None of this it to throw stones at the plguin's author, I have a great deal of respect for the time and complexity required of such a project. I just wanted to curb my own expectations and maybe leave this as a sign-post for anyone who comes across it later.

    Thanks much, I'm still optimistic the developer will chime in, but if not I'll gladly look for other means.

    Best to all,


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      Hi All,
      I have been thinking about using this Plugin but will hold off as I see no reply to this thread.
      May well be that Adam is correct. Hope not.



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        I've concluded that it is, in fact, abandonware. I've reached out to the author and haven't heard anything here or via email. No harm, no foul, I don't expect someone to be chained to it for life. It just leaves a big hole in the HomeSeer arsenal. The ease of using the Mi-Light RGBW controllers in Vera is the one thing I sorely miss after coming over to HomeSeer. I've found a couple of sites that show how to use SSH commands to trigger changes in the Mi-Light controllers, and figured I could probably adapt that into a very basic scene or two, but I've not been bothered enough to go there at this point. If anyone has alternatives, I'd love to know what you're doing out there!



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          I would suggest migrating to one of the zwave RGBW controllers
          Qubino Z-Wave Plus RGBW Controller ZMNHWD3 for 12-24V LED Strips and Light Bulbs - -


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            This looks like something I could use. Followed the link US price $48 in the UK $77 for the same, why I wonder. That said my boss travels to the states so I will get him to go shopping!
            Thanks both for the posts