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    Please post your request for new feature here.

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    If you have multiple controls of the same type in a room, it's quite difficult to use the event drop-down listboxes to define trigger actions, because typically, you present them by name, without any differentiators in the listbox. For example, if I have have 4 controls in a room that have a raise and lower button, you'll see something like "Floor 2 Bedroom 1 Dim" four times in a row, without any way of seeing which control. So it becomes a trial and error in determining which of the "Dims" you are triggering off of. This would be solved if you could find a way to include the device name in your nomenclature. In general, I feel that the way you are treating "Raise" and "Dim" causes them to appear as multiple devices, instead of additional buttons on the control they are on. If there's no way around that, then perhaps it would be helpful to be able to use the Device Name from QS.


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      Update: I think one of the issues I see is that if I've grouped multiple controls under the same Control "Name" in QS Designer, it isn't handled entirely intuitively by the plugin. A workaround is to ungroup the controls so that they each have their own name within the room, which I've done. Ergo, there's no need to include Device Name, per my above post, so please disregard. The issue with respect to multiple "Raise" and "Dim" in the same room remains, and would need to be identified in the event dropdown lists as "Floor Room Name Dim" and "Floor Room Name Raise". This may actually be a bug as opposed to a feature request, now that I think about it a little further, because the plugin creates a separate device for Raise and Dim for each control, all of which are named "Floor Room Dim" and "Floor Room Raise", and I'm not sure why.

      * Just for clarity: "Floor Room Name" as I've stated above will correspond correctly within the plugin for most controls as: QS Floor, Room, and Names as defined in the QS Designer software.


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        Apologies, even more data: I'm now seeing that you don't properly handle situations where there are more than 3 layers of location definitions. For example the QS: Floor1>Area1>Room1>Control translates to "Floor1 Area1 Control" instead of "Floor1 Area1 Room1 Control". Can you provide an option of either bundling the in-between locations together as the "Room" variable? In this case, there's no real QS workaround other than redundantly naming all the individual controls in the rooms so they are unique, as follows : Floor1>Area1>Room1>Control is renamed to Floor1>Area1>Room1>Room1 Control


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          I’ll take a look at it, also will need some help from you, I’ll PM you.