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Sivoia QS roller 100 shade interface to HS3

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  • Sivoia QS roller 100 shade interface to HS3

    I'm not sure if this is the place to post, but here goes. I need to interface to a Lutron Sivioa QS roller 100 from HS3. I have z-wave, but it looks like a wired interface is good for these roller shades. From document Sivioa QS roller 100 page 2 it appears several interfaces are available.

    "EDUs seamlessly integrate with Lutron lighting control, GRAFIK Eye QS, without a separate interface Contact closure, R232, and ethernet available to integrate with A/V equipment such as timeclocks and security systems."

    From attached document "Sivoia QS Installation Instructions" page 6 it shows a 4-pin connector with 24V, ground, and two MUX pins which are presumable serial communications. How do I interface this with HS3? Can a wire an RS-232 module to these pins? Somehow interface one of the QA modules from Lutron between this and HS3? Contact closure?

    This Lutron stuff is new to me, please advise. It isn't clear I need the Lutron RA2 radio as I don't really intend to do anything else with Lutron other than roller shades. Also I don't understand QS vs. RA2 vs. Caseta and other Lutron stuff.
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    Does anybody know anything about interfacing this Sivoia stuff to HS3??? I'm dead in the water on this project, I can't move forward without understanding which pieces from Lutron to use. Lutron of course is of no help when it comes to HS3 interfacing.


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      You need the Lutron QS processor which controls the shade. Once you've programmed the processor then you can interface HS with the proc using the plugin on thus forum. The QS processor talks to HS over IP.