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  • Ketra support?


    I imagine this would be difficult to confirm at this point but will/ does this plug-in support Ketra fixtures that are controlled via Homeworks? In the original implementation, the Ketra bulbs were controlled by a separate Hub (similar to Hue) but the new version of the Homeworks processor will have Keta support built-in (meaning it will have a Zigbee radio). Do you think these devices will be visible to the plug-in? If so, is it likely all attributes will be available for control via Homeseer (eg color temp, color, level, etc)?

    Thank you!

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    Bumping this as I am in the initial design of a QS system which will include Ketra, Palladiom, and some additional Lutron dimmer compatible lights etc. The existence of this addon is a factor in the selection of QS as I want interoperability.


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      Just a data point on this - a workaround that I'm prototyping on an older QS processor combines Donmor's plugin with Hue, and a bunch of RGBCCT 2ID controllers that I bought on Amazon. It basically pushes the RGBCCT light programming into HS, and the Scene configurations into the Hue app. Lutron has poor color / intensity integration, and no real wall controls for it, so IMHO it makes sense to not rely on QS to do anything except send a trigger via a button press. So far it works as I'd expected, with the greatest deficiency being the Event programming in HS, which is not really easily maintained. That said, I've got simple things like "select scene", rise and dim, and other simple room integrations working.

      Note - The key to both color and light intensity is buying the 2ID Zigbee controls ($30 each), which control the Kelvin levels, and RGB independently thru the Hue app.