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RRD-6ND only showing off for level in “Send custom fade and delay”

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  • RRD-6ND only showing off for level in “Send custom fade and delay”

    Hey Don,

    I’’ve migrated my RA2 Select stuff to a full Radio RA2 system due to the limitations in the Select system. Installed your RA2 plugin and as expected it is excellent. Even better than the Caseta one.

    One issue I just noticed though: When I create an event and use the “LutronRA2: Send custom fade and delay” it only shows “Please Select” and “Off” as choices for my dimmers. All my dimmers are currently RRD-6ND models. Using a regular control device event works as expected with all percentages listed along with on, off, and last. Since I don’t currently have any other dimmer types to try I’m not sure if it is a global issue, or with those particular dimmers.

    The plugin is at on HomeSeer 5.3.1.

    As a note, my Caseta plugin still allows for all the expected settings using its “Send custom fade and delay.”

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    I'll double check the code this week and get back to you.


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      I don't know if it'll help, but I added some screenshots, and now I noticed I get an error when collapsing the view, which also appears in the logs: Exception in Plug-In(LutronRA2)/Format UI: Argument 'Expression' cannot be converted to type 'System.Double'.


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        can you post the screen shot of the status graphics of that device.


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          The other day I also tried a light load connected to a hybrid keypad and it was doing the same thing.