I've had a very stable setup using HS3, Ra2, this plug-in and Alexa.

But starting yesterday when I try "Alexa, turn on devicename" it responds "hmmm, devicename is not responding.".

I can control other devices from Alexa using their Hs3 plug-in. So it's doesn't seem to be an Alexa-to-HS3 connectivity issue.

I can control the devices from the HS3 device pages. Their status gets updated on the device pages when the devices are changed manually (by button presses, motion sensors, etc). The usual Ra2 events appear in the HS3 log view.

As a sidenote, I tried forgetting a device using the Alexa app. I then unchecked the voice command checkbox on it's device detail page. I then re-enabled the checkbox and asked "Alexa Discover Devices". It reported that no new devices had been found.

So, I'm puzzled, has something changed that would affect how a long running, and unchanged,HS3 setup has suddenly stopped being able to control JUST the Ra2 devices via Alexa?