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HS4 - Can not access Config Page

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    HS4 - Can not access Config Page

    I am just getting around to installing HS4 and getting it integrated with my RA2.

    I have the plugin installed and it is able to control my RA2 dimmers via the Device page. (I did have to uninstall and reinstall the plugin so that the RA2 plugin wouldn't crash HS4.)

    I am trying to get into the RA2 configuration and when I try to access the "Config" page I get this error:
    "Error finding plugin in GenPage: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    I can access the second "Config - Home" page and add/update the RA2 controller information.

    My system:
    Ubuntu 20.04 (latest updates)
    HS4: (new install)
    RA2 Plugin:

    I think the 2 config pages is a known issues with HS4. It gets mentioned here
    For me 1 of the config pages does nothing/just blank and the other page works fine.


      the first config page don't exist, this is due to the HS4, when transfer to plugin HS4 it will be corrected


        Ok thanks for clarifying (I can't believe I missed the post from July). I am trying to get used to what options are in the RA2 plugin and what I need the Spud's Easy Trigger plugin for.