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Pico control of 2ANF fan speed?

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    Pico control of 2ANF fan speed?

    To my surprise, a PJN-3BRL-GBL Pico will not let you program the raise/lower buttons to control the speed on a 2ANF fan control. You can use the Favorite (center) button to set a speed, but not the raise/lower buttons.

    It always gives me a headache trying to remember the right hoops to jump through for HS3 event programming.

    Anyone have pointers on the 'right way' to use raise/lower for a fan that may or may not already be running?

    I do have the Easytrigger plug-in, and could use the Toggle. But I'm not sure that handles incrementing the way I'd like.

    Truth be told I don't need that kind of fine-grained control over fan speed. I could likely just live with using the center Favorite button as a toggle (which, again, the Ra2 programming won't support for a fan?). But it'd be an interesting exercise to refresh my memory on Ra2/HS integration.

    I'll have to verify it tomorrow, but I may have answered my own question, as the EasyTrigger plug-in has an advanced editing mode that has a check for closest value for toggle.

    So, in theory, that should allow tracking an event on the Raise-release with upward speeds in the toggle choices. Likewise the reverse for the Dim-release action.