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Beta v1.0.0.320 released

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    Beta v1.0.0.320 released

    Beta v1.0.0.320 released

    v1.0.0.320 Improvements for Bulbs. also now has much improved dimming, no longer changes the colour hue when dimming..

    v1.0.0.285 Adds another device type LegacyRgb for RGB device that have firmware lower than v2

    v1.0.0.284 Improvements to Discovery and device creation, also in addition colour/white sliders now correctly can be set to 0

    v1.0.0.267 Another attempt to get RGBW and RGBWW legacy v3- devices to work with Colour and White control

    v1.0.0.239 Now has options to control the speed for a preset, along with a new Set Preset Action for events, so you can specify the preset and also the speed within the event. the configuration now has a configurable send/receive timeout, if you are having communication problems you can increase the timeout from the default of 100ms

    v1.0.0.213 Fixes for High CPU

    v1.0.0.209 You can now override the detected model, each device will default to RGB, if your device is RGBW then set that in the plugin config page, then restart the plugin and you will get the correct devices created.

    I have made status and dev detail persistent which reduces the amount of traffic sent and received from the devices. so it should alleviate timeout symptoms for those affected. the device control now seems far more responsive since the change.

    also fixes for colour sliders.

    v1.0.0.146 now includes a fix to broadcast on all available Ethernet Nics with IPv4 available. this should circumvent problems with those with multihomed machines.

    v1.0.0.202 fixes an issue with a blocking socket on Linux, and now waits for all required bytes for a status request. however the only way to achieve this is to disconnect the socket after sending a command request. in my testing this has not been an issue, however if you are consistently missing off/on colour change commands, please let me know.

    v1.0.0.209 fixes an issue with discovery on Windows 7 Machines as it has an ISATAP tunnel adapter by default

    dimming has been fixed again. but with improved logic, you will still get slight colour change when dimming but it should not differ too much, dimming has been implemented by dimming each RGBW channel by the same percentage. but as you reach the minimum/maximum for each channel the colour will shift as the other channels increase/decrease. (i want to complete further work on this point to asses better the initial value to avoid the colour shift)

    I had better explain the different Light types available in the plugin, and firmware versions.

    RGB - Default RGB, Firmware v2+
    RGBWarmwhite - RGB + Warm White, Firmware v3+
    RGBWarmWhiteCoolWhite, RGB + Warm White + Cool White, Firmware v3+
    Bulb, RGB + Warm White Bulb, Firmware v4+
    LegacyBulb, RGB + Warm White Bulb, Firmware v3-
    LegacyRgb, RGB Firmware v2-
    RGBWarmWhiteCoolWhite, RGB + Warm White + Cool White, Firmware v3-


      also in addition, for those who run the HS3 beta, and cannot set the color by the Control Device Event, i have created a new MagicHome Action to set the colour.


        Hi Fuzzysb,
        I have installed plugin as instructed and mostly works. I still have problem with following:

        ON / OFF buttons work most of the time, but even when it does, it is not changing status of the icon.
        Im assuming that slider under the buttons are for dimming , but it is not responding.
        Color picking buttons work first few time. After then, delay becomes an problem.
        Are sliders on individual colors below are to move according to the selection? Im asking because they do move but due to the delay is hard to follow if they moved correctly or randomly. On section with individual sliders for each color, values are delayed or not updating at all.

        I have uninstalled from my phone magic home app so there is no conflict from homeseer and phone.
        Before i uninstalled it, i have selected wifi icon active and globe shaded.
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          Tim please try the v1.0.0.138 beta that i have just released. this i hope should alleviate your symptoms as it reduces dramatically the communication to and from the device. v138 also fixes the up/down buttons on colour sliders.


            Hi The latest Version is great.
            Only thing im finding is I cant set any of the RGB or white to 0 via the sliders or in the events. Seems only to go down to 1.


              Ah ok, let me review the code and I'm roll fixl into the next version, thanks for the feedback


                Cloud 9 Entertainment please try v1.0.0.284, your sliders should now work correctly, you should now also see a huge decrease in speed to the discovery and initialisation startup time.