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  • Compatible?

    I have this controller:

    It is currently working perfect in the Magic Home Pro app on ios. Under device settings i get a device code of 840D8E479266 , v5.

    I have downloaded this add in, but nothing is showing up when retrying discovery. Is it compatible?

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    please enable debug logging and restart the plugin and then forward me the log of the discovery process. this should be compatible yes. also have you tried the latest beta? can you also confirm what OS you are running.


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      I was mistaken, a reboot fixed it. I just had so many doubts before i tried it that it was even compatible. So I changed the device from RGB default to RBG warm white, but i don't have a warm white device? the other devices work great. If i change anything the warm white turns off and i can't get it back on without going through the magic home app. Am i missing something?

      Click image for larger version

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        Now you've set it to RgbWarmwhite in the plugin. Just stop and restart the plugin and it will now create the warm white device and you should be good to go.


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          got it. Perfect. Sorry to bug you. Usually i spend a lot of time doing simple steps like that. Just didn't have faith in myself on this one!


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            Not a problem. To be honest this information isn't in the plugin instructions as there's been a lot of change recently with the plugin .I really need to get around to documenting the steps on install.


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              I didn't see a known list of working controllers but
              I am about to order some controllers/light bulbs and wanted to see if all of these controllers/bulbs will work.. I need RGB and/or RGBW controllers,

              All these devices listed below on amazon, Im looking at the floodlights,RGBW strip light controller, and the 80+50 watt bulbs


              also LEDENET for outdoor LED lights

              2nd choice

              This one is my 1st choice

              Any feed back would be appreciated, Thank you


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                The first two should work as I have similar. However the last one I have no idea. Would be good if you can order test and we can figure out any issues together.


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                  Fuzzy sb does that include all the bulbs? also do you think the last one would work with these lights below? The controller that comes with looks to be basic and proprietary to the led strips, and i wanted to change it to one i can control with home seer and your plug in



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                    i would think so yes, my experience though sometimes is that the magic Home Controllers are GRB and not RGB so need you to swap the red and green channels. but other than that i don't see why they would not work.

                    I have a couple of open issue on the RGBWW bulbs, but not far off fixing this, so it should be pretty much universal. but any issues just ping me and we can work through them,


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                      awesome, thank you for the info and help, i just realized the 20m LED strip is 110v/750w System, so ill have to keep looking for a MagicHome compatible controller for 110v, Everything seems to be 12-24v that has wifi..


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                        Has anyone tried this controller below? These look to be addressable, magic home and are ip65 so i think i would would run 2 kits 64ft under the eve of my house