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What type device should this be

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    What type device should this be

    OK, discovery ran and found this bulb

    DEBUG Device model AK001-ZJ200 with Mac Address DC4F2287A570 and Firmware Version 1, proceeding to update Homeseer devices.

    It is supposed to be a warm/cool bulb but I can't get HS3 to talk to it properly.

    It is firmware 52.v1.17.6601-A reported by the magicLight App if that makes any difference.

    I have tried all of the versions of the warm/cool bulb, and none work properly/Completely.

    SOME work from the console, and I can turn them on/off, but hose don't like to dim.
    NONE work with Alexa commands comming in to HS3. Some just say OK and do nothing, others say no such device...

    HELP Please !