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Event Setup: Error calling the plug in to get the Action UI

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    Event Setup: Error calling the plug in to get the Action UI

    Very excited about this Plug-in! I tried to set up and event using the "MagicHome Action" when I try to click on "Action Type" Set Colour or Set Preset I get the following error message: Error calling the plug-in to get the Action UI: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    I tried stopping and starting HS3 but still receive the same error. I rebooted the Win10 machine, started HS3, and still same error.

    Noting appears in the log for this error.

    Thank you!

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    This is not something i can recreate. as you can see below all is working on Windows 10 with the latest patches. I take it you have lights discovered and they are controllable? The only way i can reproduce this is to forcibly close the plugin so it doesn't unregister the action from HS3. this could also happen is because the plugin crashed after startup? but to troubleshoot this i would need the exception report of the crash. ensure you look at the processes and see if the HSPI_MagicHome process stops.

    in windows you will get the exception reported in the Windows Application Log if HS3 isnt showing anything.

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      Thank you for the quick response. I have performed additional tests and have determined the issue. I have a MI-Light RGB bridge to control some other LED lights I have. Your Plug-In is finding the bridge (Device: F0FF6B62BBF0 - see screen shot below). I disconnected it from my network and can navigate and select the MagicHome Action in the event creation, on my PC and on my iPad.

      It would be great if you can control the MI-Lights thru this interface too but I suspect you cannot due to it being a different technology.

      I was wondering if you could make the following modifications:
      1. Make it so the Device Name can be Editable
      2. Add an option to Enable/Disable the device with a check box or in the drop down
        • I am able to reproduce the error when the MI-Light RGB controller is reconnected to the network, Controller Example Link
        • I need a way to tell MagicHome Plug-In to ignore it. Not sure why it is getting picked up, it does not create devices either.
          • See the second screen shot of the error it produces in the log

      Just out of curiosity why is there not an option in the drop down for RgbCoolwhite, that would work the exact same way as Warmwhite but make the status Icon CoolWhite? No biggie I used the Warmwhite and manually changed the status icon and I able to control my CoolWhite LED's.

      Please let me know what you think of making the changes. I just started my trial so I have some time left to test if you can make changes.

      Great plug-in would love to get it working in my environment, so simple compared to the Mi-Light solution which is very buggy and the Wi-Fi goes down often on this device.

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          The name i cant really set as i need to refer to it as the Mac address as its the only Unique ID, however there nothing stopping you renaming them once the device has been created. and you will see them by the name you set when choosing them in events.

          I will be starting work on the next version this weekend.


            That makes sense, its just i have 5 currently and plan on adding more, its hard to tell them apart here. Thank you for your support of this plugin its GREAT!