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Plugin causing network trouble every 2 minutes

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  • Plugin causing network trouble every 2 minutes

    I'm setting up some RGB lighting and bought a Magic Home controller and loaded the trial of this plugin a couple of weeks ago. I didn't immediately connect the dots but have been having problems with connectivity between my Elk alarm and the HS3 UltraM1G3 plugin recently. I finally got down to business debugging this problem yesterday.

    Running continuous pings to multiple devices, I noticed that several of the devices would drop a packet or two every 2 minutes like clockwork. My Elk, however, would freak out and drop packets for about 20 seconds before recovering. After unplugging almost every device on my network one-by-one, the problem went away when I eventually unplugged my Homeseer NUC. I had added a couple of new plugins and updated a couple of others recently so started disabling plugins to narrow it down.

    Long story somewhat short. The Magic Home plugin was the culprit. I suppose it's going out every 2 minutes to try to discover any new controllers and whatever it's doing is wreaking havoc on my network and alarm panel.

    The Magic Home controller looks to be a piece of junk (at least the one I received) it will only connect to my WiFi if my LEDs are not plugged in. As soon as I connect the LEDs to the controller it drops the WiFi. I'm returning the controller so I won't be needing this plugin, but I figured I'd report this problem anyway in case the developer wants to try to resolve or lessen the network impact of the discovery attempts.

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    Check for unauthorized API calls.