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Plugin causing network trouble every 2 minutes

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  • Plugin causing network trouble every 2 minutes

    I'm setting up some RGB lighting and bought a Magic Home controller and loaded the trial of this plugin a couple of weeks ago. I didn't immediately connect the dots but have been having problems with connectivity between my Elk alarm and the HS3 UltraM1G3 plugin recently. I finally got down to business debugging this problem yesterday.

    Running continuous pings to multiple devices, I noticed that several of the devices would drop a packet or two every 2 minutes like clockwork. My Elk, however, would freak out and drop packets for about 20 seconds before recovering. After unplugging almost every device on my network one-by-one, the problem went away when I eventually unplugged my Homeseer NUC. I had added a couple of new plugins and updated a couple of others recently so started disabling plugins to narrow it down.

    Long story somewhat short. The Magic Home plugin was the culprit. I suppose it's going out every 2 minutes to try to discover any new controllers and whatever it's doing is wreaking havoc on my network and alarm panel.

    The Magic Home controller looks to be a piece of junk (at least the one I received) it will only connect to my WiFi if my LEDs are not plugged in. As soon as I connect the LEDs to the controller it drops the WiFi. I'm returning the controller so I won't be needing this plugin, but I figured I'd report this problem anyway in case the developer wants to try to resolve or lessen the network impact of the discovery attempts.

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    Check for unauthorized API calls.


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      I've just come across the same issue. Started experiencing intermittent issues during conference calls and presumed it to be issues with ISP. I was able to see intermittent connection timeouts when pinging every few minutes or so.

      After trouble shooting various things and shutting down homeseer I was then able to narrow it down to the Magichome plugin. Note that my strip lights were not even turned on.


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        I haven't seen this behavior at all under most operation, the plugin only does the discovery at startup and once every hour. the status of the devices is requested every few minutes, but this is no longer a broadcast but rather a targeted request to the device IP. I have however seen however once personally on a cheapo 8 port netgear managed switch that flow control was being erroneously triggered and was issuing pause frames to the connected devices on the switch, there was no further firmware to resolve but as soon as either flow control was disabled across all devices this resolved it. but as flow control was a required feature this single switch was replaced with a unifi 8 port switch with POE. not had any further issue at all.

        Don't suppose you guys have netgear switches do you?