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Devices missing in Config Issue at random

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  • Devices missing in Config Issue at random

    I know there is a new version coming but i wanted to ask if there was a fix my Devices from disappearing from the Magic home Devices in config. The devices drop off at random during the day/night but show and work using the Mobile App. If i click Retry Discovery it will show them again but disappear which is keeping me from running daily events when needed. Is there something simple i can do for now? I

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    this is because on the rediscovery cycle they are not responding as expected. however i have a new version to try

    Try this version, just stop the plugin and replace the exe and then replace the dll in the bin directory and start the plugin. see if that improves the situation


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      Thanks Fuzzy, I appreciate the quick fix! I have copied everything over and giving it a test


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        Hey Fuzzy, i wanted to give everything a good test, and yes that update really help, i had 2 devices that were still dropping but i believe it may have been a WIFI issue because after i added 2 wifi bridges everything seems to work a lot better now, I changed the send/receive timeout setting to 2000 but i am not sure of that made a difference. i still get an occasional Log error below: and the scrambled code when setting colors for multiple devices in events but over all it has helped make it a lot more stable for me.

        Also i attached a pic of an idea for a label box for each device to see if that could be a good idea for a feature ..

        Thanks again for the help, i have not updated to HS4 so ill be using HS3 for awhile
        Mar-05 8:13:49 AM MagicHome ERROR Unable to update the status of device with IP and Mac Address 840D8E6A5FAF, the error reported was: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
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