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mcsMQTT and RPi 1-Wire hub

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    Comparing AAG (parasitic), HB and Midon combo Humidity sensors of old.

    HB sensors utilize 12VDC and Midon utilize 5VDC.

    Most accurate appear to be the older AAG combo sensors. Most inaccurate are the HB sensors with high temperature reads. I read a while ago that the board generates a bit of heat. I am comparing the HAI outdoor sensor and the outdoor HB combo sensor.

    HAI sensor is slow to change and way off these days. Might try an old AAG temperature sensor using 5VDC next to these.

    It seems to me that the parasitic simple DS1820 temperature sensor is most accurate.

    I see two Maxim sensors on the old AAG temperature sensors. One is very small and I cannot tell what it is. I only get the read of the temperature sensor on these old boards.

    Here also have shielded with a metal tip temperature sensors. Might test one of these outdoors.
    - Pete

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