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Control MQTT actions via Google Home

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  • Control MQTT actions via Google Home

    Hi Michael

    Thanks for your brilliant plugin, and directions to use it with sonoff devices.

    I am now using Sonoff touch devices with TASMOSA and can get 2 way control as per your instructions in homeseer.

    Question though - and its probably off topic, but i cannot seem to get these new devices to show up in my Google Home application to then control.

    I have tried the "sync my homeseer devices" command to the google assistant, but my new sonoff devices do not appear.

    Is there anything special that we need to do to the newly created device to make it a light switch and then appear for google home control?

    Any help much apprecated - its a brilliant plug in for the cheap sonoffs!



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    DOH - facepalm

    I obviously need to make the new item voice controlled in Homeseer, then it pulls though to Google Home!




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      Thats the box to tick and all will be revealed to GH ;-)

      Good outcome :-)


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        I had considered automatically checking the voice control, but then then next time you ask to Google or Amazon to discover devices you would have many that you likely would not want to be on remote control. It is then a pain to remove them using the phone app.

        On a related note, for Echo there are "Routines" provided in the Alexa app. I don't know about Google. I use a "Routine" so I can say "Alexa, Close Garage Door" rather than needing to use the native keyword "Off" such as "Alexa, Turn Garage Door Off".
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