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  • Originally posted by Michael McSharry View Post
    On a side note, I flashed a Sonoff 4 CH so I could individually control four lights that were all on the same switch. I discovered that there is a bug with Alexa HUE control. The Tasmota source I have been using (5.9.1) would not allow Alexa to control the lights. There is a work-around published that I implemented in my source. I have the impression that the binary distributions do not contain the workaround as it is a fix for Alexa and not a fix for HUE.

    Steve, If I recall you were using a 4 CH so just sharing the information. It actually applies to HUE in general, but previously I was using Belkin rather than Phillips emulation on the Sonoff Basic so never became aware of the issue.
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    • I was just informing you about their control via Echo/Alexa. It is an independent subject from MQTT. If you are not using Alexa then never mind.