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Issue: VS Pair Control Buttons Not Created

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  • Issue: VS Pair Control Buttons Not Created

    I'm not trying to be a pest, honest [emoji4]

    Updated to and had an issue with one of the accepted topics not saving the value to an HS device. Disabled the PI, deleted the PI database and recreated all devices. This resolved the issue with the device that was no updating it's value... but I now have another issue.

    VS pairs for my light switch devices (the ones that send a simple On and Off via MQTT. They also subscribe to moteino/100/2/Office/Led1/control for controlling the light from HS) are not created.

    I also receive the following error in the HS log as soon as accept is checked.

    Apr-18 20:45:48 HSTouch Server WarningException on Value Change callback: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Attached are screenshots and the debug.

    Update: Status updates do appear to function properly. For example, when the PI receives a MQTT message the HS device is updated. If I manually create the vs pairs Off=0 On=1, it appears the PI is publishing the topic as the light turns on and off properly. It looks like the issue is centered around the automatic generation of the vs pairs by the PI.

    Also noticed that the new Misc settings in the PI have no affect on this device. Selecting a misc option in the PI does not set that value on the device. Does this need to be selected before clicking checking accept?

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    Two steps forward, one step back.
    Your debug shows "StatusType=0" when message received which means that no Control/Status UI was autoassigned at time of HS Device creation.
    I see "PopulateReceiveDict moteino/100/2/Office:Led1" as a subscribed topic. While not in the debug I assume this device has a publish topic of PopulateReceiveDict moteino/100/2/Office:Led1/control which should make no difference on the VSP, but when I test it it does. It turns out that an exception occurs on the 2nd update of properties no matter the reason for the update. It is fixed in

    Do you have any reason why you may have lost the update of devices thus causing you to start over?


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        Installed over the top of and it creates the VS pairs and the buttons work properly but the control use and images are reversed. See attached screenshots.

        Noticed something else, Debugging requires the plugin to be restarted. Simply checking the debug box does not start logging. I noticed this in as well, forgot to mention it.

        Update: added a screenshot from the associations tab, so you can see the subscribed and published topics.
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          Made the assumption that when a collection was copied that the order would remain the same. Turns out it was not. Thinking about it, it makes sense since there was no order specified except for sorted ones and it was just a coincidence that previously the items were returned in the original collection in the same order they were added.

          Fixed in

          Also made an update to the Debug Flag. The flag only changes the amount of information going to the file. The file is always open independent of the flag and records things that may otherwise go to the HS log or of developer interest.


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            Works perfectly, thanks