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    The database you posted is different than the one from your screenshot showing 21 undisplayed rows. I recognize that you have two instances running. What I see in your the database is 13 subscriptions and most of then marked as Rejected. I used your setup in total except I had to change to not enumerate non plugin devices so I would not mix your HS with my HS devices.

    I found some cases where chart info was being access before the objects supporting it were fully formed, but I think it was more related to having multiple browser windows open than anything else. Anyway I did protect from it and uploaded as

    If you still have the problem then look again in HS log and debug log for any errors that may be present.


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      Thanks, all is back now
      I will now clean some of them, and start setting it up correctly, when all is working with the VSP etc.

      A short question in the end,
      Is there a way to delete subscriptions, and not only reject them.
      I have some that is not valid, as they where created under testing.

      Great Job Man


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        No UI is provided to delete them, but you can use a tool such as DB Browser for SQLite to read the database and delete rows from the table. No ill-effects as long as you do it when mcsMQTT is not running.


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          It was easy to add a Delete button to remove all traces of obsolete topics and devices. It is on the first table/row of the Edit tab.


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            Very nice thanks