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Devicestring set by plugin unreadable

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  • Devicestring set by plugin unreadable

    I've noticed that the device string set by the plugin is seen in the web interface of HS3 but when using something like hs.WriteLog("test", hs.DeviceString(329) ) is doesn't show up in the log.

    Anyone else noticed this?

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    Are you certain you are seeing DeviceString and not DeviceStatus. The string is formed based upon the DeviceValue and the ValueStatusPairs.

    Look at the Advanced Tab of DeviceManagement for DeviceString.


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      On the device page i see Bram

      But this isn't the device string because it's set as value

      I can understand that the device is showing a value and not a device string
      However it becomes rather difficult for me this way when i want to speak out the value of the device instead of a devicestring.
      As in hs.speak("hello " & hs.DeviceString(329) )

      Is there a way to set the devicestring too?
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        HS will prioritize the DeviceString over the Status so this would defeat the VSP of the Status Graphics tab. For scripting HS3 provides DeviceVSP_GetStatus to get the status text. Somthing like hs.DeviceVSP_GetStatus(ref,value,"Both") or in the more general case hs.DeviceVSP_GetStatus(ref,hs.DeviceValue(ref),"Both"). I did not try it to confirm syntax, but should be a good start where you can reference HS3Help.pdf for details.


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          Thanks for pointing me into the right direction
          I solved it and I update my script so that is will either find the device string or use the VSP pair

          In case anyone is interested in this.
          Dim MyStatus
            Dim DevRef  = 312 ' Ref ID of the device
            Dim Value   = hs.DeviceValue(DevRef)
            Dim VSPType =   1  ' 0 = Status - Control
                                             ' 1 = Status
                                             ' 2 = Control
                                             ' 3 = Status - Control
            MyStatus = hs.DeviceVSP_GetStatus(DevRef, Value, VSPType)
            hs.WriteLog("test", MyStatus)