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How do I get it to trigger on/off to a VD?

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    How do I get it to trigger on/off to a VD?

    I setup a MQTT server and successfully subscribed to a topic /FamilyRoomCamera

    From Blue Iris, I can send a message "Motion" and I can see the message was received on the MQTT server.

    I can confirm that a VD was created with the appropriate name.

    So now, how do I translate the message "Motion" to the VD as on and "No Motion" as off etc...?

    Sorry for the NOOB question, this is my first swing at MQTT in depth.

    Kind of figured it out, discovered that the plugin wasn't connecting to my MQTT server. Got it fixed and now it's receiving and I can trigger a device. This is pretty awesome.
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    Plugin is hugely flexible.....started simple and now you can do so much with it, sometimes its hard to keep up :-)