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Setting graphics for devices with payload 0and1, NO_GRAPHICS_DISPLAY remains checked

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  • petez69

    Ahh ok now I get it... I had created the device and then tried to change the attributes once it was created , what I did differently now was when I ticked the associate checkbox, I then clicked the device ID and changed the I get the graphics when I make a "button" status only.....that had me baffled :-) I wasnt doing things in the appropriate order

    Thankyou, this now works....


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  • Michael McSharry
    What I would do is associate the topic as a Button (two state device). This will create a HS device and assign status and graphic pairs. If you do not want control buttons to be shown on HS then on the Edit tab check the MISC checkboxes so it is status only. Go to HS Device Management for this new device and then to the Status Graphics tab. Edit the graphic to be whatever you want for each of the two states.

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  • Setting graphics for devices with payload 0and1, NO_GRAPHICS_DISPLAY remains checked


    I've got a device sending payload 0 and 1, 0 for no movement and 1 for movement. I've accepted the topic in the plugin while it had a payload 0, I've gone in to edit the device but I jsut cant seem to be able to set the graphic for the "value". No matter what I do the NO_GRAPHICS_DISPLAY box always remains checked.

    "Device settings prevent editing/adding value/graphics pairs"

    I'd like to be able to set the graphic for value 0 and 1....I've had a look through the doco and I've tried to make the device value a button, number,text,list.

    When set to list I can change the status for 1=on and 0-off but it wont let me edit/add graphics....

    Just change the HS Device VSP list for the device, I can see how that works but for the life of me I cant "uncheck" NO_GRAPHICS_DISPLAY box :-)

    Clearly I havent discovered "the way".....Would you please be so kind to guide me to where I've gone wrong


    P.S this is from an ESP_Easy Mega build that looks kinda neat !