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Plugin not picking up some topics

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  • Plugin not picking up some topics

    I'm using mosquito as a broker,

    I can see the topic being picked up by mosquitto properly but the associated device isn't doing anything. The statistic tab does see the topic either when I manually trigger it.

    Others topics are picking up fine except for one. It was actually working previously. Any idea how I can debug this?

    This is pretty strange.... after writing this the topic picked up just fine as if nothing ever broke.

    What baffles me is that all of these topics are coming from Blue Iris, and it's ony this one camera that showed issue. And now it's all working.
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    I've had a device that simply didnt make sense in its status yet in the plugin it looked to be changing values ok. Only way around it was to totally delete it ie: click delete sub and ref and then add it again....

    Pete Click image for larger version

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      Pete, in your case in might be a mis-association between topic and device so the wrong device is being updated. If the corrrrect ref is being shown then I do not have a rationale.

      A delay in updating HS device could be too much traffic for mcsMQTT to handle. If viewing the Statistics tab and the receive queue size is large and increasing then there will considerable delay. In the TCP/IP world of routers this is termed buffer bloat. TCP will delete packets in this situation. No such delete logic exists in mcsMQTT.


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        To Pete's issue... I actually started with the same symptom. The device in question eventually turned red and the VD that was automatically created previous disappeared. I manually created the VD and eventually re-associated it.