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California Hotel (Eagles) for Mice

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    California Hotel (Eagles) for Mice

    The thread on rodent killing automation at inspired me to use a Sonoff / MQTT to report capture of a mouse in a mouse trap.

    As the song says, in the California Hotel "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!'.

    I got a pair of traps from Amazon and setup a Hotel with two rooms and used a Sonoff Basic as the doorman to watch who is entering. In one it is a reed switch and magnet. The other room has an IR receiver and emitter. Reused the mcsTasmota 5.9.13H firmware to have the doorman report "Moving Left" or "Moving Right" depending upon which room is occupied.

    Finished the lab testing and now have it in garage where I do sometimes find mice. We shall see how it works out.

    Description is at end of mcsMQTT.pdf at

    Heh, very good :-)



      Lessons from the original design based upon in-service use is that mounting of the electronics on the mouse traps is a bad idea because following capture of a mouse the trap needs to be removed from service, the mouse released and then the trap washed to remove the trace of mouse odor. There is also no practical reason that separate sensors are needed to identify which trap has the mouse. All that is needed is that notification is that at least one trap has a mouse in residence.

      The semi-clear plastic of the trap allows transmission of IR. This means that a single emitter/receiver pair can be used and no hole is needed in the trap to allow the beam to penetrate. The mounting of the emitter/receiver can be in a cradle outside the traps. Wiring needed for these consists of emitter power, receiver GPIO input, and a common ground. A cheap audio earplug uses a 1/8 “ 3-conductor connector so makes a easy choice as the wiring between the trap cradle and the Sonoff. The earplugs are cut off and wire soldered to the Sonoff at the same points where the prior wiring was routed. The 1/8” female connector mounted on the cradle to make wiring separation easy in the future, but this was not essential. The Figure shows the cradle and the wiring. The two traps are loose within the cradle so are easy to remove to service the mouse.


        Both rooms filled up yesterday! Do I need to expand the hotel?

        Removal of both room from the carrier was a snap and easily cleaned with soapy water. Now ready for the next guests. Winter is much more popular than Fall.