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Nodemcu rotary dimmer build

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  • Nodemcu rotary dimmer build

    Last night I took a Nodemcu board and added a rotary encoder to it then flashed basically the same firmware setup I used for the led controllers. I used Espurna firmware which talks to HS3 thru the McsMQTT plugin, excellent plugin by the way, which has lightning fast response times. The nodemcu boards have a micro usb plug for easy programming and are powered with 5 volts from the same usb connector making them super simple to use. Four wires from board to encoder is all that's needed.
    I did this to make a simple remote that can control really anything connected to your HS3 system. Homeseer see's this as three devices after setup in McsMQTT, an on/off switch (push encoder to click 0 or 1), a dimmer (rotate encoder 0-255), and another device for the button that reads double presses and long presses (sends 1,2,3,4 depending on type of press. Lots of uses for a single rotating knob once that data is inside HS3. Using the Easy Trigger plugin I can set a device to another device and even do some math along the way, z-wave devices use 0- 99 for control and my remote sends 0-255 from Espurna.
    So I made an event that when the "remote" has a value that just changed I use an action from the Easy Trigger plugin to set a device to an expression (z-wave light set to .39 times the value of the remote encoder dimmer value).

    If you need a simple, clean, small and super functional remote then this is perfect. I have Alexa and can control it all with that, touchscreens everywhere, and my phone glued to me but sometimes it's sooo nice to just rotate that knob or click something with no yelling or stopping a show, just a little more light please. I can count on one hand how many times my wife has gotten excited about one of these gadgets, she loves this little thing and wants them everywhere already.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Encoder Remote Open.jpg
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ID:	1255580 And here is a video of it controlling a Z-wave lamp module.


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    I totally agree with dedicated functionality rather than universal smartphone type solutions. Nice that this can be so flexible so it could be deployed for different things.

    Is this implemented so that some user action wakes it up, thus allowing a battery to provide power? Is the case 3D print or a hobby box?


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      Too clean and neat - start over



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        Very nice build there John!!!

        - Pete

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