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Can't update MISC properties

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  • Can't update MISC properties

    I open MQTT setup enter and enter a existing device ref and choose edit/add. Some of the properties are working, but others are not. Right now, I have a device that has the MISC property "NO_GRAPHICS_DISPLAY" checkbox checked. I click on it to "unset" the property. I then enter another device ref to "close" the page. Then enter the original device ref to display the original device page. The "NO_GRAPHICS_DISPLAY" box is now checked. I know some of the properties work. I can change "HS Device VSP List" and it will keep the new setting. Am I doing something wrong? Plug-in is ver

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    The MISC properties are owned by the entity that created them. If the device was created by another plugin then only a limited number can be changed by other plugins. The ones that can be changed are the same ones that HS allows the user to change on the DeviceManagement page. If the device is a mcsMQTT plugin device (i.e. created by mcsMQTT) then mcsMQTT exposes all MISC properties used by mcsMQTT for user edit. Normally only the plugin author can edit the restricted MISC properties.


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      So I am a newbie with your mqtt plugin. I created the original device with the MQTT plugin. Apparently, I somehow "unchecked" the "NO_GRAPHICS_DISPLAY" checkbox when I created the device. The device type is "MQTT_Receive". So I can certainly delete the device with the plugin and then recreate the device making sure that the desired misc checkboxes are checked. Is this the recommended way to accomplish this?



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        If you created the device with another plugin and no longer plan on using the other plugin to update this device then you should do as you suggested with deleting the device and letting mcsMQTT create it from the Association tab.

        mcsMQTT has a set of device types that it supports. It makes its best guess as to the device type based upon the payload, but lets the user select the actual type that they want. These are things like Button, Number, Text, Color Picker etc. When a change is made in the type by user selection of the radio button for this on the Edit tab, the MISC properties are set according to the expected rendering for that type. If this rendering is not as desired then the user can use the MISC checkboxes to alter it. If the device type is changed then the MISC checkboxes are again reset to the default for that device type.