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Zigbee Interface/non-Cloud Hub Available for $10

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    I have done all my work with zigbee2mqtt in the Linux environment other than when I first started and provided the information on installing with Windows which was published on this message board and included in the mcsMQTT manual. Your symptoms appear to me to be related to the Windows driver. You may want to review the setup instructions for this driver.

    I recently installed DietPi/Buster on an Odroid C1 and Linux was no longer able to detect this USB dongle. DietPi/Stretch was fine. This does not help you, but shows there is an OS/driver dependency.

    The debug guidance is at which you probably already have tried.

    I am not familiar with diagnostic tools to evaluate the hardware dongle. I have found the zigbee2mqtt forum to be responsive to user questions so that is likely your best source with their broader experience base with the hardware.