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Control devices problem with sub and pub

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    16.1 removed a workaround so now whatever is defined in HS for mcsMQTT device control VSP label is used to provide the MQTT publish. The workaround used the VSP that was defined in mcsMQTT which means case sensitivity and same status and control.

    No change was made for non-plugin devices. The mechanism to control these is different. Let me know if I need to visit a different way to handle these. CAPI is used and mcsMQTT searches for matches, but since there is no standard for use of CAPI it is a heuristic rather than definitive approach.


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      I tested the 16_4 version, and now the plugin finally works like it should
      Now i dont have a feeling anymore that i worked on 2 different things, cause msc created the device, but i could still administrate it from the HS.
      Before i felt i had to treat it like 2 different things, and be careful to edit things in HS after wards.
      Right now i recieved a payload, and created a device. Only thing you see as VSP is the incoming payload, which is correct. (Rest is done from HS)

      Only thing left now to make it perfect, would be to translate the control labels like Lock -> lock , but i guess this is a HS thing.
      I can live with lowercase letters on my buttons for now.

      Suuper job.
      Here are screenshot from working solution.

      Click image for larger version

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