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Conflicting Subscribe field delete devices from HS

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  • Conflicting Subscribe field delete devices from HS

    If I have two devices. Ref1 and 2 for example
    On Edit/Add page I bring up settings by ref number.
    I define Ref1 Subscribe topic to Home/test123
    If I then define Ref2 Subscribe topic to Home/test123 as well,
    Ref1 device is deleted from homeseer and I have to rescan the zwave device to get it back.

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    I was not able to reproduce it. I suspect that your Home/test123 topic was a prior subscription topic for which a mcsMQTT device was created. As a generic solution I assured that any device that is deleted belongs to mcsMQTT. It is at Let me know if this resolves the issue. There are no provisions to associate one subscription topic to multiple HS devices. It should be associated with the last one edited.


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      Ahh much better on my end! Thanks