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WHOOPS -- my one fault, I put in a messed up MQTT dll -- fixed now

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  • WHOOPS -- my one fault, I put in a messed up MQTT dll -- fixed now

    [EDITED - Never Mind]

    The updated pulled in version and when trying to start it remains in "INFO: Plugin start is pending" status.

    When I try to start the plugin from the command line I get:
    # /usr/bin/mono /opt/HomeSeer/HSPI_MCSMQTT.exe

    Unhandled Exception:.
    System.BadImageFormatException: Could not resolve field token 0x0400023a
    File name: 'HSPI_MCSMQTT'

    Any thoughts on this?



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    Actually, just updated tonight and am also getting the "Plugin start is pending". Tried uninstalling/reinstalling and continue to get the same message.
    Any advice on how to get up and running?



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      I assumed it was an M2Mqtt.Net.dll that I was copying into my HomeSeer directory that was causing the problem -- I removed it and now no longer have issues with the plugin starting. However, perhaps it downloaded with the update as the copy I was building had been working before. Take a look in your base homeseer directory and see if the DLL is there -- if so trying moving out to see if that fixes the problem. There are two other versions of the DLL in HomeSeer/bin and HomeSeer/bin/mcsMQTT -- I left those alone and things started working.

      Let me know if this works for you, if so it may mean Michael needs to take a look at that update.




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        mcsMQTT updater package install.txt requests that M2Mqtt.dll and other dependent dll's to be put in \Data\mcsMQTT. I would be surprised if other plugins are using this dll so don't know why other copies exist. When mcsMQTT was first introduced it put all dll's in the HS root, but this changed pretty early to go into its own subfolder. During the life of mcsMQTT two versions of this dll have been used. The first was the standard distribution. The second was introduced in the middle of 2018 to handle SSL.

        I have limited access this week so not able to use updater to download via this mechanism. I did look at the file submitted ( and am able to run without any issues when mcsMQTT.exe from it is put in the HS folder.


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          FYI, plugins "MQTT" and "TasMQTT" both install M2MQTT.dll into the HS3 root.


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            Well I was playing with the RCS thermostat example changing it to use MQTT rather than the serial interface so that's why I was creating a copy of the dll. I've moved mine out of the root directory too.

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