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Repurpose of Digital Picture Frame for Needs-Attention Notification

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    Repurpose of Digital Picture Frame for Needs-Attention Notification

    A common problem is some form of dashboard that is a central place where events that need attention can be displayed. It is possible to rely on smartphone notifications if one is tethered to their phone. It is also possible to use a tablet or similar display with HSTouch, Imperihome other UI and then construct a dashboard.
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ID:	1277936 The approach Described here is to repurpose an old digital picture frame and use NeoPixels (Individual RGB LED Strip) for the notification. The mechanical parts of the frame were retained and the electrical parts replaced by a Wemos D1-Mini running Tasmota. The IR sensor, buttons, power connector was retained. A DS18B20 sensor and the ambient light (LDR) sensor were added. The advantage here is that the display is static and color coded so that a quick glance is all that is needed to know if something needs attention. No need for scrolling or drilling through menus or pages. It is also sufficiently attractive that it can be installed in a place that is frequently viewed. was updated to describe more fully the construction and use of the project.

    Two strips of 8 Neopixels were were secured to the edges of the picture frame. A static, but updatable, legend was inserted to provide context of what each of the NeoPixels signified. The NeoPixel could be set to any color, but in my use I have used green, red, yellow and blue to indicated different states. Red means the item needs attention. Green and blue used for OK status. Yellow indicates that an update has not occurred in the expected time.

    Other automation nodes, including HS, will be providing the needs-attention status messages via MQTT. The panel's pushbuttons on the side, the IR pad or in some cases other automation triggers will reset the NeoPixels to the OK state.

    This was my first use of Rules in Tasmota to identify the relationship between the IR button the the corresponding NeoPixel. I also used them with the Sonoff S31 power plug for monitoring heater and washing machine. It took me awhile to get my head around them. Especially good for those who do not want to change source code, but need some simple logic.