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    Robocallers are a nuisance during the day, but especially obnoxious when they come during morning or evening hours when one is sleeping. One solution is turn off the ringer when one goes to bed, but this prevents emergency calls from family members from being recognized if a call comes in during the night.

    To deal with this problem a modified Sonoff Basic was employed to recognize CID from family members and allow these calls while blocking all other calls during the sleeping hours. Tasmota firmware enhanced with CID recognition was used in the Sonoff.

    The concept of operation is that the microcontroller will disable the connection between the bedroom phone and telco during potential sleeping hours. This is 10 PM to 10 AM in my case. It will also monitor the incoming CID from telco. If the CID is one of the numbers in the Whitelist then it will enable the phone's connection to telco. This phone will then ring and be operational. During the other hours the bedroom phone will accept all incoming calls so it operates normally.

    As an added benefit the CID information is placed on LAN via MQTT so HS or anything else can be aware of the CID, Name and if the CID matches one of the numbers in the whitelist.

    Implementation details are in Section 14.11 of mcsMQTT.pdf at