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Feature Request: Option to publish messages on 'update' not just 'change'

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  • Feature Request: Option to publish messages on 'update' not just 'change'

    Thanks for your great work on the plugin. It really is a great, reliable solution. I've been transitioning to automating a lot of my rules outside of HomeSeer, and it'd be really convenient if mcsMQTT could send messages whenever there is a value set (even if it is not a change from the previous value). Obviously we can get into a discussion of QoS levels for MQTT etc., but I make use of receiving redundant values in rules.

    At the moment, I've been going through and making events that send messages for the devices I need that for, so I make a rule that on 'device value set or changed' then send a message via mcsMQTT. As far as I've been able to tell, the plugin only has options to publish on value/string change. I believe I tried checking neither of those to see if that worked, and I believe that didn't work. So although I imagine this likely wouldn't be that popular of a feature, I was wondering if you could add an option to send a message even if the value doesn't change. That'd obviously be easier for me than making an event for each device. ...Unless there is a way to do it and I've just been an idiot... it happens...

    But if that's not an option right now, I figure that it'd be straightforward to implement... the bigger issue is if you think it'd just confuse people... Although I would recommend keeping the default as 'value change'--that probably does cover most usage.

    Anyway, let me know what you think. Thanks again for your hard work on the plugin. It is definitely appreciated.

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    I am receptive to adding capability to help users, but the API provided by HomeSeer that is available to any plugin does not have the provision for a "Device Set" callback. Those available are shown below. HS only uses "Device Set" internally on their event engine. If HS was to expose it then I would be happy to add it, but I suspect HST would decline or ignore such a request. They do provide the GENERIC callback to allow plugin to plugin or script to plugin communications, but I do not think this could be used to achieve your objective.

        Enum HSEvent
            LOG = 2
            AUDIO = 8
            CONFIG_CHANGE = &H20
            STRING_CHANGE = &H40
            SPEAKER_CONNECT = &H80
            CALLER_ID = &H100
            VALUE_CHANGE = &H400
            VOICE_REC = &H1000
            Unused_2000 = &H2000
            Unused_4000 = &H4000
            GENERIC = &H8000
        End Enum