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One device 2 topics?

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  • One device 2 topics?

    I have a message that says "PrintStarted" and another says "PrintDone" The plugin sees both of them and they are on separate Virtual device. What's the best approach to make it a single device that shows either status?

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    Are these messages the payload from a single topic? If this is the case then I suggest using a List type for the device on the Edit tab. I'm guessing that when you do select List you will have PrintStarted and PrintDone and maybe other states in the VSP box below the device type. If you don't have them then add them so they are associated with discrete values. Look at the tool tip in the VSP box to understand how to add or edit these entries.

    If each PrintStarted and PrintDone are separate topics then it will take more work on your end and likely with a script that is invoked when either topic is received. This can be done with a pair of events or a singe event with a wildcard specification. Alternately a script callback can be used.