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No value in "value" only in "string"

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  • No value in "value" only in "string"

    Hi, I'm struggling with values ​​(temperatures), coming with "." and not ",". I get no value in the "value" of the devices. Adds some pictures that might explain better than my poor English =)

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    In the HS Device Control/Status UI row change the radio from Text to Number. When Text is selected it goes in the DeviceString. When anything else is selected it goes into DeviceValue.


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      I am not sure about that since it is your own work , but i read somewhere in the documentation that this is the opposite.

      only "Number" goes to DeviceValue , Anything else goes to DeviceString

      and by trying , i think i also remember this behavior



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        Button, List, Number, ColorPicker, ColorXY go into DeviceValue. Text goes into DeviceString. Button and List create a VSP mapping between text and number where DeviceStatus shows the text for a given number in DeviceValue.


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          ok , nice , it better help understanding a few things .

          Text shown in HS Device Management is because of associated Status

          if it is Button, List, Number, ColorPicker or ColorXY , so the string of the device is still empty right ?


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            Correct DeviceString is explicitly set to null when DeviceValue is set for all but Text. I think DeviceString is only set null during initialization when in Express mode for a device.


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              I may be wrong again (lol)
              but i think devicestring is set to null only at startup , even for Normal mode , because if i play with the plugin a bit (switch to text then go to number ) , the string stick to the device and we cant see any apparent change .

              BUT Please dont change this , because i am using scripts to populate a nicely formatted string in the devices (with trailing zero and changing suffix ) , i dont want or need to waste ressource to clear the string before my script