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Dry contact Zigbee Relay

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  • Dry contact Zigbee Relay


    I want to make a dry contact zigbee relay for a garage door controller. I was wondering if the following would work with the msczigbee2mqtt plugin?


    Do you know any other dry contact zibee relays that would work with the plugin? Looks like Xbee isn't supported yet?


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    Yes it will work assuming that you have zigbee2mqtt. The Homeseer plugin is mcsMQTT that recognizes MQTT LAN traffic. The relay is being driven by Zigbee so zigbee2mqtt needs to be running to bridge the two protocols. Zigbee2mqtt should be able to recognize the device when it is being paired, but likely the configuration will needed to be edited for this specific product as it is likely not following the control of other devices.

    I do have the CC2530 module to play with, but not trying to use it as a front end to a relay.

    It does look like an interesting interface. Why do you want to use Zigbee to control the relay rather than WiFi? The WiFi controlled relays


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      I wanted to use a zigbee device so it just acts as another router for the zigbee network. Thanks.


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        Wow that's a big link. I was thinking king about getting this board. Any idea how I would program it and if it should work with zigbee2mqtt and plugin?


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          I did not see any usage documentation at the link. In my case I have only CC2530 & RF portion which is the top board. I use CC Debugger (from Texas Instruments or China knockoff) to install an image of either coordinator or router. One example is at

          Since the linked board is expected to interface other things which I expect to be via connections on the headers of the lower board there needs to be some additional firmware developed. I'm guessing that the tools would be from Texas Instruments. The doc for their development kit is

          The same one you are showing from AU is also available on Alibaba with better pictures In product reviews the following was stated "In function since 15 days on zigbee2mqtt: works great to recommend" so this confirms it is compatible with Zigbee2MQTT/mcsMQTT. The site, however, also provides no documentation on usage. One of the other reviewers recommending buying the CC Debugger, but did not indicate it was required.

          If you do get it or find the user documentation then I would also be interested to play with it.


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            I decided to not go ahead with the project because of compliance issues. The CC2531 and CC2530 models from texas Instruments are FCC certified for development use, but not for home use. If you want to use it you would basically have to develop the product, put it in a case and then get it FCC and CE certified by a lab which would be very costly. I see that as a big downside to zigbee2mqtt project at the moment, as there is noFCC certified products with the CC2531/CC2530 chip on a USB interface. Basically using these modules is illegal, especially here in Australia where the laws are a bit harsher in regards to radio emissions. Hopefully someone makes a product in the future.